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Web Search Syntax

Basic Search

Only documents that contain all words from your search request are shown. The more words you put in your search request, the more precise the search becomes.


Exact Phrases

Use double quotes to search for an exact phrase. This eliminates documents where the words occur but are not next to one another or are in the wrong order.


Exact Words

Use the "+" operator to search for a combination. Example aos will search anything with A.O.Smith (AOS) in the title or keywords or partnumber.  To further narrow your search to only show FR (Full Rate) motors, the use the "+".  See example below.


Exclude Terms

The "-" operator allows you to exclude any products that do not match the word after the "-" operator.  Example: aos -fr will search all A.O.Smith motors but will exclude any results that are FR (Full Rate).


Partial Search

Partial search allows you to find products based on a part of the Manufacturer's 
Part Number. Example: SPX1500 will bring up all of the Hayward Impeller series.


Keywords Search

If you would like to learn even more search tips, try our keywords searching.  Keywords searching allows you to fine tune your searches using established keywords within our product lines.  

Some examples of Keyword Searching :

PACIMP will find all PacFab Impellers

POL180P will find all Polaris 180 Parts

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